Coffee with Beljorie Walsh

Hometown: Houston, Texas
Classification: Junior
Majors: Journalism and Political Science
Interests: writing, political science and world affairs

What inspired you to become a journalism major?
I want to be able to connect countries internationally. I knew in order to do that, my writing and communication skills would have to be top notch. My mom is an international adoption attorney so my passion for world affairs started at a young age.

What’s your favorite project that you have worked on?
I would have to say any of my writing pieces. I have learned so much since becoming a part of the Journalism department and my skills have grown immensely.

What is your favorite late-night snack?
Anything with noodles! Soup, ramen, you name it.

What is your plan for after college?
I am a double major in political science and journalism so I plan to attend law school once I graduate. My mom attended Yale so we will see where my future takes me.

What’s one fact that most people don’t know about you?
I speak four other languages! I grew up in the U.S. Virgin Islands and my mother is from Europe, so I spent time learning Spanish, French, Slavic and Afrikaans.

Where do you like to study?
A quiet coffee shop with a nice large table. I like to be able to lay all my studying out and see what is needed to be worked on.

If you had to be a color what you it be?
I would be either a pastel blue or yellow. It reminds me of happy times living on the Virgin Islands with my family.