Shugofa Dastgeer

Assistant Professor
MOUS 224 | 817-257-4883


Ph.D. University of Oklahoma
M.A. University of Oklahoma
B.A. Kabul University

Courses Taught

JOUR 10303 - Intro to Visual Journalism
JOUR 30303 - Radio/TV Newswriting

Areas of Focus

Dr. Dastgeer’s areas of focus include political communication, social network analysis, news sociology, visual communication, and women and minorities.

  • The International Communication Gazette. Dastgeer, S. & Gade, J. P. (2016) Visual framing of Muslim women in the Arab Spring: Prominent, active, and visible.
  • Journal of Media Business Studies. Gade. P.J., Nduka, E. & Dastgeer, S. (2017) Developing sustainable news media in Africa: a professionalisation model to curtail “the brown envelope” and other corrupting influences.