The mission of TCU’s Department of Communication Studies is to educate students to think and communicate in ethical and effective ways that will enrich their personal and professional lives.

Our award-winning faculty and staff understand the importance of preparing students for current as well as future professional opportunities.

Our coursework and extracurricular activities are designed to produce several learning outcomes, including helping students understand and demonstrate skills in:

  • Creating audience-appropriate messages that are intentional in purpose and context
  • Critically analyzing messages
  • Demonstrating the ability to accomplish communication goals (both in oral and written forms)
  • Applying ethical communication principles

According to a Wall Street Journal article (Davidson, August 20, 2016) as well as research by LinkedIn, employers are seeking workers with strong oral and written communication skills and who have the ability think critically and act ethically.  We also know these same skills enhance our communities, families, and democracy.  As a proud member of the National Communication Association, we share their sentiment that students who study communication are well positioned to “be valued, get hired, and make a difference.” (For more information about the National Communication Association, visit natcom.org.)

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