Caroline Cobb: Real-World Experience Begins in the Classroom

Major: Strategic Communication
Class: Junior
Hometown: Southlake, Texas

Caroline Cobb is creative and loves being a student in the Strategic Communication department because she feels that it not only gives her a practical way to use her creativity, but it also is properly preparing her to work in the advertising and public relations industries.

One example of this was in her very first semester at TCU in her Public Relations class with Kim Keller. The class was tasked with an organizational analysis project on DFW company of their choice. Cobb said that her group chose to work with Neiman Marcus at Clearfork. Her group met with the public relations manager, Allie Turney, to learn about her role in the company. Turney invited Cobb and her group to observe several events in person. The group got to see the setup behind a seated luncheon with Lela Rose and attend a seated fashion show.

“This project highlights everything I love about being a student in the Bob Schieffer College of Communication,” Cobb said. “I got to apply what I was learning in the classroom to the real world and learn from someone who does the kind of work I hope to do one day.”

Cobb thoroughly enjoyed learning about the strategic communication aspect of Neiman Marcus including their current campaigns, target audiences, brand image and corporate social responsibility. She is most looking forward to learning more about different companies in the way she was able to learn about Neiman Marcus so that she can find the right fit for her long-term career goals.