Meet Regina Lewis

A photo of Strategic Communication major Regina Lewis.For Regina Lewis, being a non-traditional student means not only going to class with people the same age as her sons, but also working at TCU as a full-time employee. She is majoring in Strategic Communication in the Bob Schieffer College of Communication.

Lewis is the administrative assistant of the English Department and in charge of most of its communication, particularly when dealing with email or social media. When events take place, someone sends the information to Lewis who disperses it through email to the students. If someone wants an award posted on social media, they send it to Lewis so she can post it.

“I think my job actually makes going to class all the more fun,” Lewis said, since she tries to use what she learns in her Strategic Communication classes in her job. Lewis took what she learned in Design and created a well-executed poster to promote an event. Then, Lewis was able to take what she learned in her Strategic Writing class to craft emails and releases to motivate students and faculty to attend the upcoming event. It’s an exciting and quick turn-around.

Every semester Lewis takes two classes, one on Monday, Wednesday and Friday, and another class on Tuesday and Thursday. She tries to schedule these classes during her normal lunch hour, so she can use her lunch break to go to class and eat a quick lunch while she works during the day. Everyone whom Lewis works with is very supportive of Lewis’ efforts to earn her bachelor’s degree and are willing to work around her classes when they are able to do so.

“I don’t think any other non-traditional students should feel nervous about going to class with younger kids,” Lewis said. “I’ve always had a positive experience. Everyone has been nice to me at TCU.”

Lewis thinks that her participation in community college helped prepare her, because when she went to her two-year college, it was a decent mix of traditional and non-traditional students. She said that everyone at TCU has been understanding, which helps get rid of the nervousness for going to class with people the same age as her kids.

Lewis’ story is one of many that shows that no matter what your age there is always a spot for you at TCU.