Scholarship Students “Thank-It-Forward”

Dean Bunton explains to a group of scholarship recipients the impact donor contributions have on Schieffer College students.

Dean Bunton explains the impact donor contributions have on Schieffer College students.

By Christina Ligi, News and Media Studies major, Class of 2019

Dean Kristie Bunton hosted the second annual Bob Schieffer College of Communication’s “Thank-It-Forward” event this past week.

student writing a thank-you note to her scholarship donor

Schieffer College student Latoinette Wright writes a thank-you note to her scholarship donor.

This event recognized Schieffer College students who received one or more of the college’s 38 named endowed scholarships this year. More than $250,000 in endowed scholarship funds were provided to these students.

During “Thank-It-Forward,” students had the opportunity to write personal thank you notes to their respective scholarship donors. Dean Bunton emphasized the impact of these donations and how transformational these endowed scholarships are for the College and its students.

This year, 19 students participated in “Thank-It-Forward” and they wrote 32 thank you notes. Among those students, three students were acknowledged by the Rebecca Carol Lee Scholarship that is currently celebrating its 25th year of providing support for faculty-nominated students majoring in journalism.

Bryar Ferguson, a senior film, television and digital media major and scholarship recipient, had a message for all Schieffer College donors: “Your continued support of education here at the Schieffer College has really benefited all kinds of students, not just myself. I can speak highly of the experience that I’ve had here as a student and I know without your generosity, that experience wouldn’t be possible.”

Dean Bunton champions each student’s success in achieving these scholarships and reminds them how important it is to have “people who are truly invested in your success.”

The students, along with their scholarship donors, will be recognized at the 32nd annual TCU Scholarship Dinner in the Ed and Rae Schollmaier Arena on Tuesday, April 9, 2019.