Schieffer College to Host Research and Creative Festival on April 20

You are invited to join us virtually for the 2021 Schieffer College Research and Creative Festival on April 20, 2021. The festival will be held on Zoom from 4 to 5:30 p.m. and attendees will learn about some of our undergraduate and graduate students’ outstanding projects and research completed over the last year. The undergrad students will present from 4-4:45 and the grad students will present from 4:50-5:30. There will be time for questions after presentations conclude.

Bob Schieffer Research and Creative Festival
Tuesday, April 20 from 4-5:30 p.m.
Zoom ID: 964 9641 2549
Zoom Link:
Zoom password: festival

Undergraduate Presentations

Nicole Adams, Strategic Communication
How Social Communication Tools Are Delivering Contradictory Messages to Young Women, and the Resulting Physical, Social and Psychological Impact.
Professor Russ Mack

Phoenyx Gaston, Melissa Hernandez, Charity Robinson, Evan McAuliffe, Emma Grace ReVille, Carter Whiting, Idahosa Robinson, Julianne Cooney, Max Kinkade, Nate Dunmoyer, Film, Television and Digital Media
Let the People Come Inside
Professor Charity Robinson

Brook Goodman, Film, Television and Digital Media and Strategic Communication
The 901 Project: A Study of the Intersection of Race and Sport in Memphis
Professor Charity Robinson

Madison McQuary, Strategic Communication
An Advertising Analysis of the Insurance Industry
Dr. Penny Kwon 

Madison McQuary, Emma Huels, Vivian Noyd, Kayla Kolski, Alison Parks, Grace Pizzala, Huyen Ho, Katie Kramp, Lauren White, Liv Shin, Liza Bilich, Margaux Nersesian, Riley O’Donnell, Strategic Communication
NSAC Advertising Presentation: Tinder
Dr. Wendy Macias

Victor Torres, Film, Television and Digital Media
A Basic Look at Emotion in Color: AKA How Easy It Is To Make A Movie One Billion Times Better
Professor Richard Allen

Ten minutes for questions/answers

Graduate Presentations

Kay Barkin, Strategic Communication
Communicating with Adults +65 During a Pandemic
Dr. Josh Bentley

Macie McCoy, Strategic Communication
The Perceived Fit of Influences and Organizations in the Context of Social Issues
Dr. Julie O’Neil

Miranda McLoughlin, Communication Studies
Influences on the Career Decisions of Social Workers
Dr. Kristen Carr 

Lotta Nevalainen, Communication Studies
Zvook.Co Marketing Proposal
Dr. Tae Rang Choi

Payton Weinzapfel, Communication Studies
The Development and Validation of a Family Coping Expectations Measure: Socialized Responses to Adverse Life Experiences and Their Associations with Personal and Relational Wellness
Dr. Paul Schrodt

Laine Zizka, Communication Studies
You Are Here. A Narrative Construction of Identity and Community Resilience in Newfoundland During and After 9/11
Dr. Amorette Hinderaker

Ten minutes for questions/answers

A photo from the 2019 Schieffer College Research and Creative Festival, which was held in-person in the lobby of Moudy South.

A photo from the 2019 Schieffer College Research and Creative Festival, which was held in-person in the lobby of Moudy South.