Schieffer College Launches New Health Communication Minor

A graphic promoting the new Health Communication and Media minor in the Schieffer College.The Schieffer College has launched the new Health Communication and Media minor, which blends science with creativity. This area of study is designed to help students from all majors examine social and media forces of health communication that impact diverse groups.

Students will study key topics including health promotion campaigns, media health edutainment, media advocacy and outreach, and interpersonal health communication. Classes are team taught by faculty members from each of the college’s four departments. The courses may include visits by guest speakers, such as a content expert from a Netflix series or a nutritionist and researcher studying maternal mortality.

“Now is a pivotal time to be launching the health communication minor and the Schieffer College is the perfect home for it,” said Wendy Macias, strategic communication associate professor.

“TCU students, from a variety of majors, can benefit from the career prospects it provides,” she said. “We may even see students come to us who realize medicine is not their calling, but health communication is their perfect path.”

Jaime Loke, associate professor of journalism, has taught Health Communication and Media classes for two semesters. She said it’s a great minor because health affects everyone.

“Health is not just ailments. It’s learning how to navigate policies and opens students’ eyes to how health is portrayed in the media. It’s important as an informed citizen to know about this topic,” Loke said.

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