Schieffer Alumni Reveal Their Fort Worth Favorites – Abigail Yonker

By Katie Naiser, Strategic Communication

Abigail Yonker—Strategic Communication

Abigial Yonker’s favorite spot on TCU’s campus is one of the first spots she ever visited while on her first campus tour as a high school senior.

“My favorite spot on the TCU campus is right under the BLUU archway looking towards The Commons. I so clearly remember my first ever time on campus, walking up those BLUU stairs up to the archway. The second I looked through the arch and into The Commons, I knew that I was home. I knew in that exact moment that I had to go to school here. Every time I passed by that spot over the next four years, I was reminded of what an intense feeling it was and how happy I was that my dream came true!”

Abigail’s favorite spot in Fort Worth, on the other hand, is not something you would typically expect.

“It’s hard to beat University Car Wash. You probably think I’m kidding, but it is seriously the best combination of all Fort Worth has to offer—insanely nice people, really good service and the best espresso machine in all of the city!”