How did I get here? – Evan Watson

By Jessica Rank, Journalism

Evan Watson graduated from TCU in 2016 with an undergraduate degree in journalism. He is originally from Kansas City, Kansas but now works in Macon, Georgia for WGXA News as a multimedia journalist and weekend weatherman.

Q:           How did college change you as a person?

A:        I gained a lot of independence that was important for my development. I grew up out-of-state in Kansas and knew I needed some space for my college experience. TCU was a perfect distance away from me. I think it’s only natural to mature from when you’re 18 to 22, so that goes without saying. But the independence helped me make my own choices and blaze my own path — which I think was crucial. I was able to make close friends and grow alongside them. I found organizations I really enjoyed and I dedicated myself to them. I took trips and created adventures that wouldn’t have been possible without that independence.

Q:       What organizations were you a part of at TCU that you feel prepared you for life after college?

A:        I gained a lot of organizational and leadership experience from being a Frog Camp facilitator and director. I strongly believe in this program. At its most basic level it helps incoming freshmen feel comfortable in a totally new environment. I saw the magic of this program through my summers with it and I will always remember my experience with the Director Board.

I was also a part of TCU 360, our student-run news website. I gained a lot of leadership experience being the executive editor but also work experience that translated right into my responsibilities at my first job. Obviously I wouldn’t recommend TCU 360 for everyone – but I think it’s useful to be involved in one organization or service group that is related to your career path. My friend was a big part of Chemistry Club and I know he created some new programs and initiatives for that club – which has helped him now that he’s in medical school.