Bob Schieffer is (Fort) Worth It

Bob Schieffer fan in the background of the girls5eva episode “Fort Worth.”

Fort Worth rarely gets the love it deserves. Recently, Cowtown became a wow-town when Netflix’s Girls5eva premiered its third season with the titular episode, “Fort Worth.” Struggling to get their act together, girls5eva wrote a song about Fort Worth, complete with a Google search worth of knowledge about our beloved hometown. Mentions of Fort Worth aren’t complete without TCU and Bob Schieffer ’59. As the song goes:

The home of Hagman and Meester

Capshaw and Schieffer

Tap into your Fort Worth

One look and you’ll love it too

No wonder Jesus went to TCU

It was early decision

See, I know, I’m worth it

Y’all know, you’re worth it

In the audience, a Schieffer fan can be seen jamming along and singing, wearing a “Face the Nation” t-shirt featuring Schieffer’s face. The attention to detail throughout makes it surprising the show was not filmed in Fort Worth, with references to the beloved stockyards and cattle drives. One character can even be forgiven for trying to shorten the city’s name to “FoWo.”

Tap into Our Fort Worth

Schieffer was thrilled to be mentioned, “I thought it was hilarious. And they can sing pretty well, too,” he said. “It was really funny.”

Schieffer is familiar with the grind of country music as a songwriter and performer himself, part of the Honky Tonk Confidential. In 2006, the band debuted their first album, “Road Kill Stew and Other News (with Special Guest Bob Schieffer).” The album included a song about Schieffer’s life on the news called “TV Anchorman.”

“Writing country music songs is a big part of my life. I can’t imagine a life without music,” Schieffer said of his foray into country music.

Don’t miss out on Cowtown with our walkable downtown, where the west begins, our hometown, Fort Worth.