Alumni Snapshot: Abbie Maynard

By Lauren Cole, Strategic Communication ’17

Seacrest Studios – Red Balloon Network
Intern: Program Host/Producer, January 2014-May 2014

AZ Foothills Magazine Intern
Reporting Intern, May 2014-August 2014

KTCU Radio Station – Texas Christian University
Radio News Anchor, August 2014-December 2015

TCU News Now – Texas Christian University
Anchor/ Multimedia Journalist, August 2014-December 2015

TCU 360 – Texas Christian University,
Executive Editor, January 2015-May 2015

News Intern, August 2015-December 2015

KXII TV- News 12 (CBS affiliate)
Reporter/ MMJ, June 2016

Abbie, a journalism major, graduated magna cum laude with a 3.9 GPA. She currently works as a reporter for a CBS affiliate in Sherman, Texas. Her position gives her the opportunity to tell the stories of those in her community. Abbie says, “I have loved meeting people from all backgrounds, interviewing them and growing as a reporter with each new story I get to tell. It’s demanding and fast-paced, but the stories I tell that make a difference in the lives of those around me truly make it all worth it.”

Advice for Life After Undergrad…

“As far as advice for life after graduation, I would say the main thing is you don’t and won’t have it all figured out, especially in our field, and that’s okay! I think more than anything, it’s exciting. The Schieffer School gave me the skills and background essentials for working as a communicator and TV reporter in my current community, and I am forever grateful for this foundation. With the workforce comes things that can’t be taught, like how you will feel when covering fatality accidents or meeting people at some of the worst moments of their lives. That is up to you to work through and learn from, and though I have grown a lot through my job as a reporter, I am not sure if it’s what I want to do forever or if it’s the best way for me to use my strengths and passions… but that’s okay! I would say be thankful for every opportunity, dive in all the way, take risks, make mistakes, don’t be too hard on yourself and most of all choose joy in this period of uncertainty and new experiences! Post-grad is not always glamorous and is filled with times of uncertainty and loneliness, but I promise those moments are important and I am thankful to be on this journey and to have TCU and the Schieffer School as my foundation.”