5 Questions with Cristian Argueta Soto, Class of 2020

Major: Journalism
Hometown: Fort Worth, Texas
Why did you choose journalism as a major?
I originally enrolled at Texas Christian University as an environmental science major, but changed it to journalism at my orientation. I chose to be a journalism major because I have always enjoyed writing stories. Thanks to Professor Jean Marie Brown, I am now happily working towards my future as a photojournalist.
Favorite journalism class?
My favorite journalism class, so far, has been Reporting with Professor Brown. It has been the class that opened my eyes to journalism in the real world. I had to go out and do interviews, reporting, writing, photos, and office work. It taught me to find stories in unexpected places, and that is one of my main goals as a photojournalist, to show people what they have not seen before or rarely see.
Favorite study spot?
I don’t really have a study spot per se, but I spend a lot of time in the newsroom in Moudy South. I love this place because I am surrounded by people who have similar goals and outlooks on life. That creates a very safe work environment for everyone. No matter what you’re working on or doing in the newsroom, you’ll always have time for a laugh.
If you could give advice to incoming first-year students, what would it be?
A piece of advice is to be open to new ideas, opinions and experiences. Be true to yourself.
Favorite memory at TCU?
My favorite memories at TCU have been traveling with TCU360, the TCU student-run news site. I would never have thought that my photography would take me to so many places so soon. I have traveled to cities in Texas, to Kansas City a few times, to Detroit, and to New York City. Never in my life did I think that I, a kid with a camera from a poor part of Southside Fort Worth, would be shooting photos at Madison Square Garden! My first plane ride was for a photography trip, and I am grateful to everyone on the TCU360 staff for allowing me to work with them.
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