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Journalism Capstone Projects

This fall, seven journalism students completed their Multi-Platform Capstone project. The class is a student’s final project, in which they demonstrate their ability to bring together multimedia journalistic skills and produce a significant journalistic project or product. Students must show a firm understanding of writing, reporting, visual storytelling, research, analysis, investigative techniques and multi-platform delivery…. Read more »

From Vietnam to Fort Worth: Questions with Trang Nguyen

A photo of Trang Nguyen, a news and media studies major at TCU.

Name: Trang Nguyen, Class of 2021 Hometown: Hanoi, Vietnam Majors: News and Media Studies; Studio Art  Why did you choose Texas Christian University? I wanted to study abroad, and when researching schools, I only looked at warm climate locations because I can’t stand the cold. That led me to TCU. Their scholarships and high ranking also attracted me.  Why news and media studies? I knew I wanted… Read more »

Class of 2021: Tayler Green

A photo of Tayler Green, Class of 2021.

From TCU to Vogue  Name: Tayler Green  Hometown: Newport Beach, California Major: News and Media Studies Dream Job: To own a fashion, beauty and lifestyle magazine  Tayler Green is a news and media major at Texas Christian University. She was born in Las Vegas, Nevada, but when Green was 15, her family moved to Newport Beach, California. “I just typically say Newport… Read more »

Class of 2021: Meet Schuyler O’Brien

A photo of TCU journalism major Schuyler O'Brien.

Name: Schuyler O’Brien  Major: Journalism  Class: Junior Hometown: Greenville, South Carolina  Schuyler O’Brien is a junior journalism major at Texas Christian University, from Greenville, South Carolina. He knew that he wanted to come to TCU because of the support, excitement and resources that the community and the campus have to offer its students. “The size is a perfect mix of having your best… Read more »

Oscar Saravia ’22 Talks About his Journey to TCU

Name: Oscar Saravia   Major: Journalism  Hometown: San Salvador, El Salvador   Oscar Saravia is an international student eager to explore cultures outside of Central America. He went to Escuela Americana, an American international school, in his hometown of San Salvador. During his senior year in high school, he knew he wanted to come to the United States to earn a bachelor’s degree. Before deciding on Texas Christian University, he went to a community… Read more »

Class of 2022: Get to Know Molly Boyce

A photo of TCU journalism major Molly Boyce.

Name: Molly Boyce Hometown: Amarillo, Texas Major: Journalism  Why did you decide to come to Texas Christian University? I would always come to TCU to visit my sister, who went here a few years ago. I liked the city of Fort Worth because of the size and could envision myself living here. The campus is beautiful, and the community made me feel so welcomed. There really isn’t any other… Read more »

Class of 2021: Meet Marissa Stacy

A photo of TCU journalism major Marissa Stacy.

Name: Marissa Stacy Major: Journalism Hometown: Zionsville, Indiana   Why did you choose Texas Christian University? I loved TCU since the minute I stepped on campus. I knew I wanted to go out of state and TCU felt the most like home.  How did you decide the journalism major was right for you? I liked that it was small, so you would really get to know all the… Read more »

Class of 2023: Life of Lonyae

A photo of TCU student Lonyae Coulter.

Name: Lonyae Coulter  Major: Journalism Minor: Writing  Hometown: Originally from Flint, Michigan, but now lives in Kansas City, Missouri   From Flint, Michigan, to Kansas City, Missouri, Lonyae Coulter eventually made her way to Fort Worth, Texas, to pursue what she loves most, journalism. Coming to Texas Christian University, she knew her place would be… Read more »

Class of 2022: How to Make Sports a Career

A photo of TCU student Braden Roux.

Name: Braden Roux Major: Journalism  Hometown: Waxahachie, Texas   From the age of 8, Braden Roux grew up around the contagious game day spirit of Texas Christian University football. When it came to college, his decision was a no-brainer. But what was it about journalism that appealed so much to this high school athlete?  Roux made the most… Read more »

Class of 2023: Bailee Utter

A photo of TCU student Bailee Utter.

Name: Bailee Utter Hometown: Argyle, Texas Major: Journalism   Bailee Utter chose to study journalism at Texas Christian University primarily due to her involvement in commercials for her family’s company, “I fell in love with the idea of being in front of the camera from a young age,” she said. “I want to become successful in the broadcasting industry.”   Her favorite journalism class has been Intro to Visual Journalism. She said that… Read more »