Class of 2021: Tayler Green

From TCU to Vogue 

Name: Tayler Green 
Hometown: Newport Beach, California
Major: News and Media Studies
Dream Job: To own a fashion, beauty and lifestyle magazine 

Tayler Green is a news and media major at Texas Christian University. She was born in Las Vegas, Nevada, but when Green was 15, her family moved to Newport Beach, California. “I just typically say Newport Beach is my hometown because that is where I feel most at home,” she said.  

Green was drawn to TCU because many graduates from Newport Beach high schools go to TCU. In fact, she knew many Horned Frogs before she even applied. It was Green’s campus visit that sealed the deal: “I fell in love with the campus when I visited for the first time and easily pictured myself attending.”  

Green originally chose journalism as her major because she has always enjoyed writing and creating content. Her sophomore year, she switched her major from journalism to news and media studies because she felt like it was a better fit for her goal of working in the fashion and media industry. “I am a big social media user and have found the news and media classes I have taken and am currently taking to be interesting and on-trend with my future goals, she said.  

After graduation, Green would like to stay in Texas. She said that her time in Fort Worth has convinced her to move to Texas permanently and the Southern way of life is more her speed. Austin has become a fave and she finds herself drawn to its art and diverse community.

Green likes the social media aspect of journalism because she has a passion for creating and sharing with others. “I have found social media to be the perfect outlet for me to be creative with the content I create and post, she said. Once she graduates, she would like to attend fashion school to learn how to design and produce her own clothing. Her dream job is to own a fashion, beauty and lifestyle magazine like Cosmopolitan or Vogue. 

Green’s favorite journalism class was Diversity and the Media with Dr. Uche Onyebadi because she loved learning about the different ways that news and media outlets around the globe operate. “I found it especially interesting comparing and contrasting the type of content different parts of the world publish,” she said. 

Green believes that the biggest misconception about being a journalism major is that it is an easy career choice. “I have found certain aspects of it challenging such as mastering the language and punctuation rules of the Associated Press Stylebook,” she said. It is more difficult than you think to write objectively, as well.  

If she could add one class to the TCU Core Curriculum, Green would add a visual communication class because she believes everyone should learn how to use Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator. “It is so beneficial in many career paths and would give TCU students the competitive advantage over students at other universities,” she said. 

Green is an excellent example of just how far reaching a journalism degree can be. 

Who knows, one day she could be the next Anna Wintoureditor-in-chief of Vogue Magazine since 1988.