Class of 2021: Meet Schuyler O’Brien

Name: Schuyler O’Brien 
Major: Journalism 
Class: Junior
Hometown: Greenville, South Carolina 

Schuyler O’Brien is a junior journalism major at Texas Christian University, from Greenville, South Carolina. He knew that he wanted to come to TCU because of the support, excitement and resources that the community and the campus have to offer its students. “The size is a perfect mix of having your best friends and meeting someone new every day,” he said. “The football program is what first got my attention, but a visit is what really sold it and inspired me to move 1,200 miles away from home. 

When O’Brien finally got to TCU, he decided that he was interested in journalism, and what better place to study journalism than the Bob Schieffer College of Communication? “I am passionate about my major because journalism is about the truth and allowing information to pass through the readers and expand their knowledge,” he said.Those last two ideas are what I love, so why not learn about how to help others do the same?”  

O’Brien said that the most valuable thing he has learned at the Schieffer College so far is how to effectively and concisely tell a story or send a message. This might sound like a simple thing, but this tool makes communication easier and clearer while staying relevant to what an audience needs to know, he said. “It is easy to tell a bad story, but telling a captivating recount is what’s difficult.” 

Something that O’Brien wish he could tell his first-year self now is to let the little things that bother you evaporate. “During my first year at TCU, I would focus on negative things that don’t matter at all now,” he said. “It was pointless to focus on them rather than being present in the positive things that were happening around me.” He would also tell his first-year self to go eat at Railhead Smokehouse because he said that their barbecue is classic Fort Worth with great history, as well as Thai Tie downtown. 

O’Brien then gave some insight into what he carries around to classes every day to get through his busy schedule as a journalism major. First and foremost, he has his computer and charger with him at all times. The same goes for his phone and his phone charger, but not for texting or checking his social media. Instead, he always carries his charged phone to ensure he has a way to record his interviews for TCU360, for which he also always carries around his notepad and pens, not pencils. “I prefer pens because I have no regrets about making a mistake. 

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