Oscar Saravia ’22 Talks About his Journey to TCU

Name: Oscar Saravia  
Major: Journalism 
HometownSan SalvadorEl Salvador  

Oscar Saravia is an international student eager to explore cultures outside of Central America. He went to Escuela Americana, an American international school, in his hometown of San Salvador. During his senior year in high school, he knew he wanted to come to the United States to earn a bachelor’s degree. Before deciding on Texas Christian University, he went to a community college in Houston for his first year. “I was happy and excited that TCU allowed me to transfer many of my credits completed in the community college,” he said.   

Saravia chose TCU after he visited the campus for a tour with his parents and found research showing that the Bob Schieffer College of Communication was highly ranked in the U.S. “I really liked the brightlycolored campus and how welcomed I felt by the staff when I entered every building. I automatically felt at home,” he said. “The facilities were enormous for all of the different departments.”  

In the beginning Saravia struggled to decide what to study until he realized he wanted to study journalism. He said that back in high school he wanted to study dental medicine or business. However, when he was at the community college and enrolling in classes, he said he discovered his passion for writing and discussing sport events.  

 Saravia said he enjoys journalism overall and his favorite class so far is Intro to Visual Journalism. “I really enjoyed the class because the professor dedicated his time and effort to show us how to use equipment that I will be using in my future career endeavors as a journalist, such as for recording and editing material.”  

Saravia is highly involved with TCU 360, the student-produced news site of the Department of Journalism. “As a bilingual, I present the news in Spanish through a special section which is a great opportunity for me and makes me really proud,” he said. 

 Saravia collaborates with KTCUthe studentrun radio station. “I work with the KTCU and talk about sports, stocks and other relevant news,” he said.  

Saravias also works for TCU Football Spanish radio and 99.1 Zona MX and as an editor and content developer for the Dosis Futbolera podcast providing European soccer news and analysis.