Bachelor of Science in Strategic Communication

Degree Requirements

The Bachelor of Science with a major in strategic communication requires 124 hours with 40 hours in strategic communication. All strategic communication majors must complete the two gateway courses STCO 23113 (Advertising) and STCO 23123 (Public Relations) with a C (2.0) or higher and have a combined 2.5 GPA and must have completed MATH 10043 or INSC 20153 (or equivalent) with a C- or higher before enrolling in other required courses for the major. Strategic communication majors also must complete STCO 11103; STCO 16103; STCO 32403, STCO 35503, STCO 46403 or STCO 47403; STCO 45413 or STCO 47533; STCO 31423, 35413, 36403, or 41423; STCO 40901; STCO 48813, STCO 48823 or STCO 48833. No course applied to the student’s major or associated requirement may be taken on a pass/no-credit basis. All skills courses must be taken sequentially. A minor or second major in a discipline selected by the student and approved by a strategic communication adviser must be completed. Students must fulfill the requirements as prescribed by the department in which the minor or second major is taken. As an alternative, an area of emphasis consisting of 18 hours in a discipline selected by the student and approved by a strategic communication adviser may be completed.

Required Courses for Strategic Communication Majors

STCO 11103 Writing and Editing
STCO 16103 Diversity
STCO 23113 Advertising
STCO 23123 Public Relations
STCO 32403 Design
STCO 35503 Research
One Class From STCO 46403 Law or

STCO 47403 Ethics

 One Class From  STCO 31423 Strategic Writing

STCO 35413 Creative Strategy

STCO 36403 Digital Storytelling

STCO 41423 Feature Writing

STCO 40901 Senior Seminar
One Class From STCO 48833 Campaigns or

STCO 48813 Ad Competition

STCO 48823 PR Competition

Plus 9 hours of
STCO electives


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