Application and Admissions

Fall 2020 Application Sessions

Current TCU students who would like to apply should plan to complete the online application available Monday, September 28 through Friday, October 2. (To apply, a student must have completed at least one semester at TCU, so that he or she has a TCU GPA.). TCU students, who are not first-semester students, can find the application at this link:

Students will need to have PDF copies of their unofficial transcript and resume to include with the application. These documents will be collected along with an essay and creative writing exercise that will be completed in the application.

More information about admission to the major

In 2012, a new admission process for Strategic Communication was put into place. Admission to the major requires multiple steps and admission is competitive. Students with more than 80 college credits will not be admitted to the major, whether internal or external transfers, because course sequencing in the major requires at least five long semesters to complete.

You can always receive information about the next semester’s application sessions by emailing Savannah Horton at, and you’ll be placed on an information list.

To be considered for admission to the Department of Strategic Communication, students must complete all of the following, based on their current student status:

INCOMING FIRST-YEAR STUDENTS FOR FALL 2020: Entering first-year students, once admitted to TCU, may declare the major prior to June 1, before orientation sessions begin, and be directly admitted to the major in only the fall semester if they meet the following requirement: They must have completed no hours at TCU (except for hours awarded for AP or IB courses, or dual-credit hours awarded in high school through another university or college).

INTERNAL TRANSFER STUDENTS: An internal transfer student is one who is currently enrolled in another degree program at TCU. These students must have a 2.5 minimum overall TCU GPA (and should have a 3.0 GPA to be competitive). If you would like to receive a reminder about the spring 2020 application sessions, please email to be placed on a reminder list.

EXTERNAL TRANSFER STUDENTS: The TCU Office of Admission makes the decision on all transfer applicants. To be considered for provisional admission to the Strategic Communication major during the first semester after admission to TCU, students should have at least a 3.0 transfer GPA from a four-year institution and a 3.25 GPA from a two-year institution. If this GPA is in place and spaces are open in the gateway courses (STCO 23113 or STCO 23123) in the first semester, students may enroll in these courses after they have met with an academic adviser in the program and have read and signed the ethics and professionalism statement.

Potential internal transfer students should plan to:

  1. Attend one of the several monitored in-person essay-writing sessions held no later than the first six weeks of each long semester. (Contact the program’s main office at or visit to determine dates and locations for these sessions for upcoming semesters.)
  2. Complete a Personal Creative Narrative about reasons for selecting the Strategic Communication major and another creative assignment, written on-site.
  3. Read and sign the Ethics and Professionalism Statement for the Department of Strategic Communication, and complete a basic information form for the advising folder.
  4. Turn in an application packet at the end of the essay-writing session that includes a resume and transcripts verifying the GPA (for internal and external transfer students only); the Personal Creative Narrative and creative assignment; the Ethics and Professionalism Statement for the Department of Strategic Communication; and the basic information form for the advising folder.

After admittance to the Strategic Communication major, students must earn 2.5 GPA in the two gateway course and a C- or better in Statistics (MATH 10043) before they may enroll in any advanced required courses.

In the event of a formal appeal concerning the application process, the chair of the Department of Strategic Communication will appoint three faculty members in the department to review the appeal and report to the chair.