Testing Center

Centralized Accommodated Testing Spaces

The Centralized Accommodated Testing Spaces (CATS) provides additional support for undergraduate and graduate students who are registered with Student Access and Accommodation and have a documented need for accommodated testing. Faculty must reserve a specific start time with no more than five students per section of a course. Faculty may need to stagger reservation times or schedule students at an alternate time.

Located in Sadler Hall rooms 122 and 123, testing is available:

  • Monday, Tuesday, Friday: 8:30 a.m. to 4 p.m.
  • Wednesday-Thursday: 8:30 a.m. to 8 p.m.

Makeup test for students with accommodations MUST be scheduled through the Centralized Accommodated Testing Spaces.

Reservation Instructions Reservation Form

Reserve a testing time

    1. Complete the online form at reserve.tcu.edu/TestCenters. You will receive a calendar invitation as confirmation.
    2. Forward the calendar invitation to the student(s) to confirm the date, time and location of their reservation.
      • It is the faculty member’s responsibility to provide the student with the date, time, location and requirements for testing (see below).
    3. Print the cover sheet that is attached to the confirmation email.
    4. Bring the paper exam and cover sheet in an envelope to Assistant to the Dean Jean Stayton by 8:15 a.m. at least TWO DAYS prior to the test date.
      • There are no exceptions to this policy.
      • Each exam should have the student’s name, class, and section on it.
      • Include the PDF cover sheet from your calendar reservation.
    5. Completed tests will be delivered to Jean Stayton the day after the test is administered.

NOTE: There will be no exceptions, last-minute changes or additions to the accommodated testing schedule. Faculty may not interact with proctors nor enter the test spaces. Any questions should be directed to accommodatedtesting@tcu.edu. Detailed instructions with pictures can be downloaded here.

Requirements for students

Students who do not follow the rules may be prevented from taking their test. Students should:

  1. Have a confirmed reservation showing date, time and place. The calendar invitation serves as confirmation.
  2. Bring their TCU photo ID for identification.
  3. Arrive promptly. Students are encouraged to arrive 10 minutes early.
    • Students who are more than 15 minutes late will not be allowed to test and must reschedule.
    • All rescheduling — whether a student is late or does not show — must be completed by the faculty member.
  4. Sign an honor code statement of agreement before the test is administered.
  5. Behave ethically.
    • A student may be dismissed from the testing space for inappropriate behavior (i.e. evidence of cheating, disrespecting the proctor, violating testing space policy).
    • The faculty member and Dean’s office will be notified if a student is dismissed.


Schieffer faculty who have questions about non-accommodated makeup testing for Schieffer classes may reach out to COCTestingCenter@tcu.edu.