Faculty Committees

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University committees

University Council

Kylo-Patrick Hart (E) 2021-2024

University Advisory Committee

TBA by Faculty Senate

Graduate Council

Julie O’Neil (Ex-Officio)
Jackie Zhuang (A) — 2021-2024
Ester Paik (E) — 2022-2024

Undergraduate Council

Wendy Macias (Ex-Officio)
Joel Timmer (E) — 2023-2026
Penny Kwon (A) 2022-2025

College committees

College Advisory

Melissa Schroeder (A) 2023-2026
Josh Bentley (A) 2023-2024
Jaime Loke (A) — 2022-2025
Richard Allen (A), Chair — 2021-2024

College Curriculum Committee

Wendy Macias/Julie O’Neil (Ex-Officio)
Jean Marie Brown (A) 2023-2026
Steve Levering (A) 2021-2024
Andy Haskett (A) 2022-2025
Debi Iba (A) 2021-2024

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College Diversity and Inclusion Committee

Ashley English (College advocate)
Julie O’Neil (Ex-Officio)
Timothy Betts (A)* 2022-2026
Shugofa Dastgeer (A) 2023-2023
Tae Rang Choi (A) 2021-2024
Jordan Schonig (A) 2023-2026

College Research Professional Development

Julie O’Neil (Ex-Officio)
Jaime Loke (A) 2023-2026
Guy Golan (A)* 2021-2024
Charity Robinson (A) 2022-2025
Candy Yang (A) 2022-2025

Executive Committee

Term expires 2024
FTDM Professor Richard Allen (chair) – advisory committee
COMM Assistant Professor Britney Gilmore – by COMM chair
FTDM Professor Kylo-Patrick Hart – chairs representative
STCO Professor Julie O’Neil – Ex-Officio
STCO Associate Professor Josh Bentley – advisory committee
JOUR PPP Patty Zamarripa – by JOUR chair

Term expires 2025
STCO Instructor Russ Mack – by STCO chair
JOUR Associate Professor Jaime Loke – advisory committee

Term expires 2026
COMM Associate Professor Melissa Schroeder – advisory committee