Andrew Ledbetter

Communication Studies
MOUS 356 | 817-257-4524


Ph.D., University of Kansas

M.A., University of Kansas

B.S., Wheaton College

Courses Taught

COMM 20223 – Communication Theory
COMM 30233 – Social Networking Sites and Personal Relationships
COMM 60193 – Adv Research Methods in Communication
COMM 60213 – Social Networking Sites and Personal Relationships

Areas of Focus

Maintaining interpersonal relationships using technology
How attitudes toward technology shape its use
Family communication patterns.

  1. Enjoyment fosters media use frequency and determines its relational outcomes: Toward a synthesis of uses and gratifications theory and media multiplexity theory. Computers in Human Behavior.
  2. Why do students use mobile technology for social purposes during class?: Modeling teacher credibility, learner empowerment, and online communication attitude as predictors. Communication Education.
  3. Online communication attitude similarity in romantic dyads: Predicting couples’ frequency of e-mail, instant messaging, and social networking site communication. Communication Quarterly.
  4. A theoretical comparison of relational maintenance and closeness as mediators of family communication patterns in parent-child relationships. Journal of Family Communication.
  5. Do online communication attitudes mitigate the association between Facebook use and relational interdependence? An extension of media multiplexity theory. New Media & Society.
  6. More than a game: Friendship relational maintenance and attitudes toward Xbox LIVE communication. Communication Research.
  7. Attitudes toward online social connection and self disclosure as predictors of Facebook communication and relational closeness. Communication Research.
  8. Measuring online communication attitude: Instrument development and validation. Communication Monographs.

Assistant Professor, Ohio University School of Communication Studies, 2007-2010

  1. Multiple top paper awards
  2. A First Look at Communication Theory (9th ed.)
  3. Directed Sam Taylor’s master’s thesis, which received the Outstanding Thesis Award from the Interpersonal Communication Division of the National Communication Association.
  4. Outstanding Mentor Award from the Master’s Education Division of the National Communication Association.
  5. Article of the Year Award from the Journal of Family Communication
  6. Early Career Award from the Interpersonal Communication Division of the National Communication Association.
  7. NCA “Teachers on Teaching” recognition.
  8. Outstanding New Teacher Award from the Central States Communication Association.
  9. Research featured in The Atlantic.
  1. National Communication Association
  2. Central States Communication Association