Schieffer College Recognizes Outstanding Graduate, Honors Students

The Bob Schieffer College of Communication is pleased to recognize two groups of outstanding students.

A student, standing on a stage, speaks to an audience. Behind her is a large screen. Text: Applying Co-Cultural Theory to the interactions of the Deaf community and sign language interpreters.

Senior Dezirae Rodriguez presents her honors project.

Undergraduate  Honors

Six undergraduate Schieffer students, who are also members of the John V. Roach Honors College, presented their final projects before a group of faculty, staff and fellow students on April 17 in Moudy South. All six students will graduate in May.

Strategic Communications senior Kareyn Hellmann presents “Numbers and Narrative: The Subtle Art of Grant Writing in Nonprofits.”

  • Berkley Behnke, Communication Studies, presented “Communication Style and Connection of Flourishing Students.”
  • Madison Grinder, Strategic Communication and Political Science, presented “What percentage of political information received by college students today is news compared with political opinion?”
  • Amanda Hellmann, Strategic Communication, presented “Best Practices in Grant Writing: An analysis of the most successful practices in crafting non-profit grant writing proposals.”
  • Katherine Lester, Biology and Journalism, presented “Scientific Misinformation during the COVID-19 pandemic: did news media support ivermectin usage as a treatment for COVID-19?”
  • Dezirae Rodriguez, Communication Studies, presented “Applying Co-Cultural Theory and the interactions between Deaf people and sign language interpreters.”
  • Ann Wallace Scott, FTDM and Strategic Communication, presented “Controversial Cinema: How PR Helped Change an Industry.”

The college’s Research and Professional Committee selected Dezirae as the top presenter, which earned her a spot at the university’s Boller Competition Finals.

Schieffer Graduate Awards

The Schieffer Graduate Awards honor students and faculty in the college’s two graduate programs. A Schieffer committee of graduate faculty reviewed nominations and selected four students and one faculty member to honor.

  • Outstanding Communications Studies Teaching Assistant: Logan Gibbs
  • Outstanding Strategic Communication Teaching Assistant: María Belén Navarro
  • Outstanding Graduate Student Research: Bre Prater
  • Outstanding Graduate Student Thesis: Emily Stager
  • Outstanding Graduate Faculty Mentor: Dr. Paul Schrodt
A photo of Logan Gibbs, a student at TCU graduating in May 2022.

Logan Gibbs

A headshot of Maria Belen Navarro

Maria Belen Navarro






A portrait of Breana Prater

Breana Prater

Dr. Paul Schrodt







A hearty congratulations to all of our outstanding Schieffer students and mentor!