Schieffer College to Host Maynard 200 Fellowship in 2023

Schieffer College is excited to be hosting the in-person sessions of the Maynard 200 Fellowship program for a week this June. Participants will convene online in October to finish the program in the fall.

In conjunction with the Maynard Institute, the Maynard 200 is focused on advancing “efforts to expand the diversity pipeline in news media and dismantle structural racism in its newsrooms.” The program has trained over 140 media leaders, storytellers and entrepreneurs since 2018. This tuition-free fellowship program provides training, mentorship and professional development for “leaders, storytellers, frontline editors and managers and media entrepreneurs of diverse backgrounds.”

We look forward to having the incoming fellows on our campus this summer!

Learn more about the Maynard 200 Fellowship and apply. Or join Maynard 200 Fellowship Alumni for an FAQ about the Program on Zoom on March 16.