Coffee Break With Alex Adewunmi

By Daniela Sigala, Strategic Communication ’18

Alex Adewunmi is currently a law student at UNT Dallas College of Law in his hometown of Dallas, Texas. He holds positions as the Vice President of the Board of Trail Advocates, as an executive member of the Sport and Entertainment Law Association and as a career peer at the college. In his down time, he mixes music and will be releasing an EP next year. Alex graduated as a Film, Television and Digital Media major and Communication Studies minor from Texas Christian University in May of 2014.

Alex Adewunmi, TCU alum ‘14 at Brewed on Magnolia Ave in Fort Worth, Texas

It’s a very interesting drink called an Undertow. An Undertow is not best explained by me but it’s a shot or two of espresso that is filled in with a cold pour and your favorite creamer. I usually get it at any place that serves really good espresso shots like Starbucks and the Jewel Hotel in Dallas.

A typical day for me includes starting my day at 7 a.m., getting up and going through some morning meditation. I usually like to do a slight weight circuit and some positive words of affirmation for what I feel will get me through the day. I make the drive from Fort Worth to UNT Dallas College of Law, we are the new kids on the block, where I go to a few classes and meetings. I’m an executive member of the Sport and Entertainment Law Association. We just got a big initiative off the ground with The Recording Academy, which puts on the Grammy Awards show every year. We’re about to finalize four year memberships with the Grammy U organization, a community of college students who are pursuing careers in the recording industry. After those meetings and classes, I’ll make my way back to Fort Worth around 9 p.m. I usually end my night with one of my hobbies which is mixing music.

As some people probably know, I played football for TCU. I decided not to pursue the NFL but I was looking for a new identity, if you will. I was just like any other undergraduate, in the sense that I didn’t know what field I wanted to go into after graduation. I chose law school because it seemed the most flexible with me, at a later point, integrating my interest in music, art and film. With my background in FTDM, I’m able to be one step ahead of most of my colleagues who are now just discovering that they want to do entertainment law. Since I have knowledge of film and editing software, I’m able to speak about the subject in ways other people can’t.

Learn who your professors are and take an interest in them. Seriously, I know it sounds like you could have learned that anywhere else but take it from me. I think students expect the professors in the major to cater to their needs and to step out on a limb for them but you must be able to step out on a limb yourself. You need to get out of your comfort zone and see what professors take an interest in you and what they have to offer.

FTDM is not one of those blow off majors. You choose FTDM because you have a passion for art and communicating through any aspect of cinema. The professors teach courses they care deeply about, so they are going to challenge you. And if you are not ready for those challenges, then you will be very upset to learn that it’s just as challenging as being a business major or any other well-known majors at TCU.

Quick shout out to TCU News Now and Professor Aaron Chimbel. We started the news outlet in 2012. Professor Chimbel was very kind to let me be a part of starting that program and I’m just happy to see that it’s still going!