Joel Timmer

Associate Professor
Film, Television and Digital Media
MOUS 177H | 817-257-7635


Ph.D., Indiana University
J.D., University of California Los Angeles School of Law
B.S., Miami University

Courses Taught

FTDM 10013 – TV Studies for Non-Majors
FTDM 20523 – Business of Media
FTDM 30573 – Broadcast & Cable Programming
FTDM 30813 – TV Number Ones
FTDM 40223 – Entertainment Law
FTDM 40503 – Media Law
FTDM 40813 – Sex and Violence

Areas of Focus

Government regulation of sex and violence in the media. Legal issues in film and television production.

  1. The Depiction of Trademarked Landmarks in Fictional Films: Protections for Filmmakers from Liability for Trademark Infringement or Trademark Dilution, John Marshall Review of Intellectual Property Law 676.
  2. Viewpoint Discrimination in the Military’s Filmmakers Assistance Program and the First Amendment.
  3. Television Violence and Industry Self-Regulation: The V-Chip, Television Program Ratings, and the TV Parental Guidelines Oversight Monitoring Board, Communication Law & Policy.
  4. Restricting Portrayals of Film Violence to Reduce the Likelihood of Negative Effects in Viewers: Did the Framers of the Motion Picture Production Code Get It Right?, Journal of Popular Film & Television.
  5. Violence as Obscenity: Offensiveness and the First Amendment, Communication Law & Policy.
  6. The Seven Dirty Words You Can Say on Cable and DBS: Extending Broadcast Indecency Regulation and the First Amendment, Communication Law & Policy.
  7. Incrementalism and Policymaking on Television Violence, Communication Law & Policy.
  8. Broadcast, Cable, and Digital Must Carry: The Other Digital Divide, Communication Law & Policy.

Practiced entertainment law. Worked for the Federal Communications Commission and for a consulting firm that provided business and regulatory advice to major entertainment companies. Business writer. Commercial credit analyst. Salesperson of TV advertisements.