Amorette Hinderaker

Convener of Debates and Associate Professor
Communication Studies
MOUS 308 | 817-257-6660


Ph.D., North Dakota State University
M.A., North Dakota State University
B.A., South Dakota State University

Courses Taught

COMM 30101 – Forensic Team
COMM 30103 – Argumentation and Debate
COMM 30163 – Organizational Communication
COMM 30183 – Issues in Org Communication – Risk/Crisis
COMM 40003 – Honors Research Paper

Areas of Focus

Argumentation and Debate
Organizational Communication
Religious Communication
Intersection between religious and political rhetoric

  1. Severing primary ties: Exit from totalistic organizations. Western Journal of Communication.
  2. The long road out: Exit stories from the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. Communication Studies.
  3. Speaking up on my way out the door: A close examination of church exit and members’ dissent. Journal of Communication and Religion.
  1. Director of Forensics at North Dakota State University
  1. National Communication Association
  2. Pi Kappa Delta
  3. National Forensic Association
  4. National Parliamentary Debate Association
  5. American Forensic Association