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Class of 2021: Learning to Speak the TCU Language

A photo of TCU student Sabrina Romero standing in a field of sunflowers.

Name: Sabrina Romero Major: Communication Studies Hometown: Santa Cruz, Bolivia  Where are you from? I am from Santa Cruz, Bolivia, in South America. Santa Cruz is a very tropical and humid location filled with tons of huge green palm trees. Unfortunately, there is a lot of poverty that is prevalent where I live.   When you are… Read more »

Class of 2021: From One Texas City to Another

A photo of TCU student Sydney McNiff.

Student: Sydney McNiff Major: Communication Studies Hometown: Austin, Texas  What drew you to Texas Christian University? Growing up, a family friend of ours was the president of a TCU sorority. Since I was a kid, I was consistently reminded of how much I loved the campus and the people.   How did you know TCU was… Read more »

Class of 2021: Sabrina Romero

A photo of TCU student Sabrina Romero.

Name: Sabrina Romero Major: Communication Studies   Hometown: Santa Cruz, Bolivia    Why Texas Christian University?  I was looking for a school in the southern United States because I enjoy the warm weather during most of the year.  TCU participated in one of the college fairs at my high school back in my hometown in South America… Read more »

Class of 2021: Grace Quattrucci

A photo of TCU student Grace Quattrucci.

Name: Grace Quattrucci  Hometown: Narragansett, Rhode Island  Major: Communication Studies Minors: Film, Television and Digital Media; Writing Class: Junior   Grace Quattrucci came to Texas Christian University in hopes of exploring a new environment filled with endless opportunities and perspectives. A native of Narragansett, Rhode Island, she was initially worried about moving far away from home…. Read more »

Class of 2022: Meet Grace Graubart

A photo of TCU student Grace Graubart.

Name: Grace Graubart Hometown: Houston, Texas Major: Communication Studies  Grace Graubart had her life planned out ever since she was a little girl and Texas Christian University was never in the picture. Her mother went to Southern Methodist University, so Graubart always thought she would end up there. When she was old enough to tour… Read more »

Class of 2021: Camille Werstak

A photo of TCU student Camille Werstak holding a puppy.

Hometown: Laredo, Texas Major: Communication Studies   Why did you choose Texas Christian University? It’s a smaller campus and they have more resources than other schools. I like all the class sizes because they are smaller. There are less distractions in class and more opportunities to get to know your classmates and professors better. I enjoy… Read more »

Class of 2020: Seven Questions with Blythe Bonan

A photo of TCU alumna Blythe Bonan.

Major: Communication Studies  Hometown: Greenwich, Connecticut Dream Job: Working in public relations and marketing for a top travel and lifestyle brand What made you choose Texas Christian University? I chose Texas Christian University because of the tight–knit feel on campus. In addition to a top education, TCU has a global reach. Anywhere I go, I… Read more »

Class of 2021: Meet Bella Depolo

A photo of TCU student Bella Depolo.

Name: Bella Depolo Major: Communication Studies Minor: Creative Writing Hometown: Danville, California  What class from the Bob Schieffer College of Communication has had the most impact on you? As a senior, I have taken many communication classes. I cannot choose just one class. I would have to say that the classes that have had the… Read more »

Class of 2023: Avery Causey

A photo of TCU student Avery Causey.

Name: Avery Causey Major: Communication Studies Hometown:  Montgomery, Texas  What is your favorite communication studies class? My favorite communication studies class I have taken at Texas Christian University is Interpersonal Communication with Sharon Stahr Fisher. I loved the energy she brought to the class and I learned a lot about how to improve my communications with others.  When… Read more »