Class of 2021: Sabrina Romero

Name: Sabrina Romero
Major: Communication Studies  
Hometown: Santa Cruz, Bolivia   

Why Texas Christian University? 
I was looking for a school in the southern United States because I enjoy the warm weather during most of the year.  TCU participated in one of the college fairs at my high school back in my hometown in South America and I immediately fell in love with it. 

Why did you choose communication studies as a major? 
I wanted to learn how to communicate effectively in various fields and I like to express my opinion to other people. I wanted to connect on a personal level while speaking my mind clearly.  

What has been your best experience in the Bob Schieffer College of Communication? 
Every class I have taken in my major has helped me improve either my communication or speaking skills. I like how every class has its own specific focus on how to build relationships within your personal and professional life  

What incredibly common thing have you never done
I’m learning to communicate better and express myself, but I have never talked out my personal problems. I think communication studies is helping me create relationships with others and be more open about my opinions and thoughts.  

What food do you love that people might find a little odd?
I like to experiment with different food flavors and I really enjoy eating rice with eggs and ketchup. Many people might think that these three foods don’t go together, but they taste really good combined.  

Who is the most interesting person you’ve met and talked with? 
My grandfather. He always has unique anecdotes from his childhood and teenage years to share with me. I use the lessons he learned from these experiences to apply in my own life.  

If you could do your first year at TCU over again, what would you do differently? 
Learn and practice more speaking and writing Italian by taking a beginning course in Italian. I visited Rome and I wish I had mastered the language better in order to communicate and comprehend the culture more effectively.   

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