Class of 2021: Camille Werstak

Hometown: Laredo, Texas
Major: Communication Studies  

Why did you choose Texas Christian University?
It’s a smaller campus and they have more resources than other schools. I like all the class sizes because they are smaller. There are less distractions in class and more opportunities to get to know your classmates and professors better. I enjoy oneonone learning rather than big lecture hall classes.  

As a transfer student, what advice you would give to another transfer student?
I’d be aware that all your credit hours may not transfer over to TCU. I had hours taken away because I didn’t look at what TCU specifically accepted. Although this was a negative factor, there were lots of positive outcomes like taking more classes at TCU. I learned so much more by taking a variety of core classes. 

Were there any challenges that you faced as a transfer student?
I thought that being a sophomore all over again was frustrating.   

Why communication studies?
Because it’s a broad major. It provides me with many different job opportunities and the chance to strengthen my skills as a communicator.  

What has been your favorite class?
Communication Theory. I think Dr. Qinghua Yang does a super good job. It’s an intro class but I’d say its the most important class because you get your basics for other classes from it. You learn so much about communication with this class. I never knew why you communicate the way you do. For example, Spanish is my native language so I learned how to communicate across cultures.  

What advice would you give to a firstyear student?
Use your time wisely, don’t get caught up in the college social life. 

When you were a kid, what did you want to be when you grew up?
I wanted to be an actor or something in the movie industry! I got a video camera for my birthday then ended up asking for a computer to make movies on iMovie. I eventually got better over time and I still have a passion for photography and videography today but just as a hobby.  

Have you ever studied abroad?
Yes, I studied abroad in high school actually. It was during my junior and senior year. It was eye opening, I became culturally exposed. Living in a new and diverse environment helped me understand different perspectives in life. Being able to study abroad earlier in my life helped me mature before college.  

If you could do it all over again what would you do differently?
I’d put more effort into my first year at TCU. That year can honestly make or break your GPA because sometimes you get carried away with your social life. At the end of the day you’re here to get an education, so going back, I’d try to keep my priorities. 

What is something about yourself that you’d consider unique? 
Something unique about me is that I think in Spanish and speak in English. Spanish is my first language.  

What else are you involved in at TCU?
I am in a sorority. Something that I like about being in a sorority is that it’s your home away from home. It’s a great way to meet people. I also volunteer at KinderFrogs, TCU’s early childhood education facility, and tutor children at Westcliff Elementary School.   

What do you plan to do after graduation? 
I want to work at an advertising agency and live in a warm, big city like LA, Houston or Atlanta.  

What’s your favorite restaurant in Fort Worth?
Pacific Table, because in Laredo we aren’t by any fresh water. So here in Fort Worth I get to experience seafood and sushi.  

What are three things that are on your bucket list?
I want to travel the world, Asia and Africa especially. I want to skydive and paraglide. I love adrenaline rushes. And lastly, I want to be famous.  

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