Class of 2021: From One Texas City to Another

Student: Sydney McNiff
Major: Communication Studies
Hometown: Austin, Texas 

What drew you to Texas Christian University?
Growing up, a family friend of ours was the president of a TCU sorority. Since I was a kid, I was consistently reminded of how much I loved the campus and the people.  

How did you know TCU was the perfect fit for you?
In high school I toured TCU, and not only that — it was the only school I toured. During my short time there, I absolutely fell in love with the infectious TCU culture and spirit that so many described. I applied early decision. 

What made you decide on a communication studies major?
Initially I was a pre-business major. Adamant on getting out into the workforce, the rigid curriculum of the Neeley School of Business did not sit well with my eagerness. I was soon encouraged by one of TCU’s staff advisors to change my area of focus to communication studies.  

What made you stay?
Many people join a major for a particular reason, but for me, the most valuable reason is why they stay. For me, Dr. Paul Schrodt and Dr. Andrew Ledbetter were the reasons I stayed. My professors made the topics interesting, allowing me to stay motivated and become more immersed in the subjects.  

What motivates you to go to class each morning?
Getting to see my classmates every day is incredibly valuable to me. I have been able to make genuine connections within the college. They are all going through the same things and tackling the same subjects. 

Most valuable thing you think you have learned in your major?
The ability to develop and strengthen the many intricacies of my character. Communicating effectively helps me in all aspects of life. You can use communication skills anywhere. 

What is the biggest misconception about your major?
Communication studies can sometimes be seen as an easy major. However, there is no easy major in college. Professors teach you important skills anyone will need in the workplace or on a day-to-day basis.   

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