You can find the name of your advisor by logging into The Schieffer College advising page has more information on how to do this. During your first four semesters as a declared communication studies major, you will be advised by professional advisors in the Schieffer College. After that, you will be assigned a Communication Studies faculty member as your advisor.

Whether you are currently declared as major or minor, or are interested in becoming one, we encourage you to review the degree requirements in the University Catalog. If you would like to speak with someone about your interest in the program, please reach out to the department.

See below for answers to some frequent questions about the major.

Is Communication Studies right for me?

 We’re glad you’re interested in our major! We hope our website helps you understand more about the broad base of knowledge and skills that we provide our students. You can read more about the program requirements and course descriptions in our section of the Academic Undergraduate Catalog. Also, The Center for Career and Professional Development offers many resources for exploring majors and related careers, including a Career Counselor who specifically serves students in the Bob Schieffer College of Communication. 

What undergraduate degrees does your department offer?

Students may earn either a Bachelor of Science or a minor in Communication Studies. We previously offered a Bachelor of Arts degree, but we are no longer accepting enrollment in the B.A. program so that we can provide a high-quality, focused education for our B.S. students.

What required courses do I need to take to complete the Communication Studies major?

All communication studies majors must take:

In total, 36 hours of coursework in Communication Studies are required to complete the major. Beyond this total, students also must take either MATH 10043 Elementary Statistics or INSC 20153 Statistical Analysis, and complete a minor of 18 semester hours or a second major. See the undergraduate catalog for more detail.

I did not meet the grade requirement to take COMM 30163. What can I do?

If you are still interested in pursuing the Communication Studies major, you will need to retake one or both of the required prerequisite courses (COMM 20113 Interpersonal Communication and COMM 20223 Communication Theory) until you meet the grade requirement (see above). Because your time is precious, we do not recommend repeatedly retaking these courses. If you would like to receive a similar degree that focuses on human communication, you might explore the Bachelor of General Communication offered through the Schieffer College. 

How can I enroll in the required Organizational Communication (COMM 30163) class?

To take COMM 30163, you must complete COMM 20113 Interpersonal Communication and COMM 20223 Communication Theory with GPA of 2.5 or higher between those two classes. Note that this refers to your grades in those two classes, not your overall GPA. In other words, you must earn at least a B in one class and a C in the other.

When the course schedule for the next semester posts on the TCU registrar’s webpage, we will open up a survey form that will allow you to apply for a permission code to enroll in COMM 30163. If you are currently enrolled in COMM 20113 or COMM 20223, you will receive an email in your inbox with the survey link. If you do not receive an email or have questions about how to enroll, please contact the department.

How do I get into closed classes other than COMM 30163?

We encourage you to put your name on a course wait list if possible. Individual instructors do not have the ability to add students to a closed course. Our courses are in high demand, and we add students beyond the maximum course capacity only in rare, extenuating circumstances. If you would like to discuss this possibility, please contact the department.

I want to graduate soon. How many semesters does it take to complete the Communication Studies major?

 It would be possible, but challenging, to complete the Communication Studies major in three terms. This could be done by taking COMM 20113 and 20223 in the first term, COMM 30163 in the second term, and three 40000-level classes in the third term, while fulfilling all other major and TCU requirements.

I know that having a minor or double major is required. What minors or double majors would you recommend?

 That is totally up to you! Historically, our majors have pursued minors and double majors across the entire university. Because communication is central to human life, and therefore central to every job and industry, any other area of study is a great fit with a communication studies major.