Class of 2023: Avery Causey

Name: Avery Causey
Major: Communication Studies
Hometown:  Montgomery, Texas 

What is your favorite communication studies class?
My favorite communication studies class I have taken at Texas Christian University is Interpersonal Communication with Sharon Stahr Fisher. I loved the energy she brought to the class and I learned a lot about how to improve my communications with others. 

When you aren’t in class where can you be found?
When I’m not in class I can be found in a library study room. I love being able to have a private, quiet space to work on my assignments. Off campus, you’ll find me at my favorite off-campus restaurant, Joe T. Garcia’s. Being from South Texas, I love Tex-Mex and it is the closest thing in Fort Worth to the food I eat at home.   

Why did you choose your major?
I chose to be a communication studies major because I liked that it gave me a variety of options for career choices after graduation. I like also the idea of having good communication skills. After graduation, I hope to go to law school and from there I want to work in political journalism so my communication skills will be a great asset.   

What advice you would give to an incoming communication studies major?
Take advantage of all opportunities you are given, like internships, lectures and study abroad trips. There are so many great opportunities that we can take within our department that can really help our future.   

What is your favorite memory so far at TCU?
My favorite memory from my time at TCU so far is celebrating my first birthday away from home at Snooze with all of my friends and just feeling so loved and like I had a place I belonged.  

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