Class of 2020: Seven Questions with Blythe Bonan

Major: Communication Studies 
Hometown: Greenwich, Connecticut
Dream Job: Working in public relations and marketing for a top travel and lifestyle brand

What made you choose Texas Christian University?
I chose Texas Christian University because of the tightknit feel on campus. In addition to a top education, TCU has a global reach. Anywhere I go, I am always able to find someone from the TCU family.  

What was your most memorable experience at TCU?
Attending the Big 12 Championship in 2017 and cheering on the TCU football team. Traveling with a huge portion of the campus to the nearby AT&T Stadium was an experience like no other. We met so many alumni and got to feel the extent of the TCU community. Also, it was so exciting to see our team play on that level. 

What was your favorite class?
I took a Comics Production class. I was so excited to jump into it, especially since I had no prior knowledge of the comic industry or even how to begin drawing and formatting one. It really helped me to expand upon my visual communication skills and was really intriguing. Each class was a blast! 

If you could go back in time to your first year, what advice would you give yourself?
I would tell my younger self to enjoy all the small things. I could not believe how fast time flew by. So many times, when I was younger, I looked past the little things like lunch with my friends, photos by Frog Fountain, or even an interesting first-year seminar. I would tell myself to take each opportunity I can and make the most of each moment on campus.  

Where was your favorite place to study?
My favorite place to study would probably have to be the second floor of the Tucker Technology building. With all the floor-to-ceiling glass windows, it always felt open and bright. Also, it usually isn’t as packed as the library, so fewer distractions!   

Why did you choose to major in communication studies?
When I entered TCU, I was a pre-business major with plans to go into business information systems or marketing. However, midway through my sophomore year, and after my first Introduction to the Accounting class, I realized I wanted to explore the more creative side of marketing. After talking with my advisor, I began to explore the Communication Studies department and enrolled in a Media Literacy class. It helped me realize that the communication studies major had such a broad reach and I could tailor it to exactly what I wanted. In the end, I feel that I successfully was able to design my own degree and feel prepared entering a future marketing career.  

What is interesting about your major that you would like people to know?
Communication studies is so much more than a basic communication degree. The classes I have taken, especially in the upper levels, taught me so much about myself and how to become my best version of a communicator. When you think about it, every industry requires solid communication to get any task accomplished. You can add your own twist and allow this degree to take you anywhere.  

Bonan is now working as a social media and marketing associate at DPAA in New York City.  

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