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23 professionals graduate from TCU’s Certified Public Communicator® Program

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FORT WORTH, Texas (August 7, 2023) — Twenty-three professionals from across Texas and the nation graduated this summer from the Certified Public Communicator® Program at TCU. Not only did these public-sector communicators finish 95 hours of graduate-level instruction, but all of them created customized communication plans for their organizations.

A group of 23 men and women, most in purple caps and gowns, pose together in a chapel.

The 2023 graduates of the Certified Public Communicator® Program at TCU.

The CPC program has been working for more than 11 years with communicators from cities, counties, school districts and other public-sector agencies.

“Many public-sector professionals have some graduate-level certification opportunities, and it made sense that the communication role should, too,” said Jacqueline Lambiase, Ph.D., professor and director for the CPC program.

With this in mind, TCU and the Texas Association of Municipal Information Officers co-founded the program at TCU in 2013, which, to date, has awarded 245 certifications to communication professionals hailing from organizations in 15 states.

“One of the hallmarks of the program is its focus on listening,” Lambiase said, “because through research at TCU we have learned that listening is a key to trust. So that means communicators can’t be only telling stories and creating content in social media about their organizations. They also need to adapt to the role of listener for their organizations, too, and think about the inbound channels as much or more than outbound. This will elevate their role within their professional space, with a goal of making their organizations better.”

Communication is an essential function following a natural disaster or other major emergencies, and public information officers must provide both accurate and timely information to residents during times of crisis to ensure public safety. Lambiase and other communication professors at TCU combined their public relations, advertising and marketing expertise to launch the residential program, where professionals get to network, engage in a year-long process of professional communication planning, and learn from one another.

“The Schieffer College of Communication teaches excellence in engagement with publics,” Lambiase said. “We infuse the curriculum with experiential learning and discussion, helping students build plans based on theory, case studies, metrics and their own research.”

The CPC program partnership includes TCU’s Department of Strategic Communication in the Schieffer College and TCU Extended Education, as well as four professional organizations: the Texas Association of Municipal Information Officers, the National Association of County Information Officers, the Texas School Public Relations Association and the City-County Communication and Marketing Association.

Summer 2023 graduates

Heather Bates Abbigail Murphy
Mary Beth Block Megan Elizabeth Nelson
Kiana Rios Camp Jeffrey Newpher
Martha Lynn Eighme Allison P. Parker
Gloria Kim Fisher Layne Newman Phillips
Saul Garza Paige Elizabeth Ruedy
Catherine Glasby Holly Browning Russell
Riley A. Grant Rhonda Eudaly Simpson
Zoheb Abdul Hassanali Tenishea Turner
Rosalee Hoffman Lee Woodward
Shelly R. Klein Janet Marie Wilwerding
Amanda Bess McNew