Recent STCO Faculty Publications

A photo of Ashley English appears to the left of a photo of Penny Kwon, both faculty members in the Strategic Communication department at TCU.Research by Ashley English and Penny Kwon on the consequences of social media fatigue among content creators appears in the latest issue of Journal of Social Media in Society:



A headshot of Guy Golan, associate professor of strategic communication at TCU.

Research on perceived media bias conducted by Guy Golan was published in the journal, Mass Communication and Society:



A headshot of Jacqueline Lambiase, strategic communication professor at TCU. Jacqueline Lambiase co-authored a chapter titled, “How mass media industries have enabled sexual misconduct and harassment–and how they have also exposed them,” in the book, “Institutional Sexual Abuse in the #MeToo Era,” co-edited by Kendra Bowen, an associate professor of criminal justice at TCU. Authors: J. Lambiase, Tracy Everbach (UNT) and Carolyn Bronstein (DePaul).

A chapter titled, “Real Estate Boasting: The Case of the False Figures,” written by Jacqueline Lambiase appears in the recently published, third edition of “Media Ethics at Work: True Stories from Young Professionals.”