Why did you choose your major?

Madison Marsh ‘17

  • Strategic Communication major
  • Hometown: New Braunfels, Texas

My sophomore year, my sorority Big Sister was a strategic communication major and I was asking her advice on which major I should declare, since I was running out of time. I told her that I wanted to work with people in a fast-paced setting, and she suggested I look into strategic communication. There’s such a wide-range of opportunity in the real world with a background in Public Relations & Advertising. I can do just about anything I want in the industry with the knowledge I’ve gained as a strategic communication major.

What skills have you learned?

From my time in strategic communication I’ve learned the importance of networking. Building a network of peers, professors, and industry professionals becomes an amazing resource inside and outside of school. Put yourself out there. Meet people. After all, it is people that make the advertising world go ’round.

What would be your dream job after graduation?

Being a graduating senior, I’ve though about this a lot lately. My dream job would be to plan nonprofit events. Being able to see your hard work come to life and make a difference is so fulfilling. I’m driven toward the event production industry, so combining my skills with my passion to work toward the greater good seems like the perfect job for me.