The Inside Scoop with Grace Carlson

Year: Senior
Major: Strategic Communication
Hometown: Winnetka, Illinois

Why Strategic Communication?
I chose strategic communication because I knew there was a communication aspect of the major I was going to need in jobs after college. I wanted to experience and gain knowledge from professors about the profession and learn how to navigate through people while learning to communicate with them.

What is the best piece of advice you have received through the department?
Life is about suffering with discipline to meet your target. I learned this through one of my strategic communication teachers. To me, this means that if you put in the work every day then you’ll get to where you actually want to go. It’s just constantly making yourself move forward until you’re content.

What opportunities and skills have you obtained through the department?
I feel I have gained many skills and opportunities through the department. I have recently joined the Texas Christian University advertising agency called Ad Lab, and this has given me great opportunities in the field. Some skills I have obtained are people skills and communication skills.

Advice for first-year students?
My advice for first-year students would be to space out classes so you get the opportunity to study abroad. I was grateful that I could study abroad and have the time to learn in a different country.