The Hannah Shipley Story

Hannah Shipley is a strategic communication major and film, television and digital media minor from Orange County, California. Her favorite brand is Southwest Airlines because “you get two free bags, they’re friendly, efficient and you get snacks.” The reason she decided to come to Texas Christian University was because of the Strategic Communication department.

Choosing this major was an easy decision for her because she has known what she wanted to do since she was 15 years old. Shipley knew she wanted to work in the film industry but could not operate a camera to save her life. She went on a tour of Chapman University with her father who majored in public relations and graduated from the school. Her father wanted to visit one of his previous professors while touring. During this visit Shipley was able to hear the professor talk about working on a movie trailer. Shipley later tried working in social media but did not enjoy it. “I always came back to wanting to promote movies. It is my dream job,” Shipley said.

In order to pursue this career, Shipley decided to choose the integrated strategic communication program. “I felt it would be good to have a background in advertising and public relations on my resume,” she said. Shipley’s favorite part about the Strategic Communication department is the professors and she believes they have had a huge impact on her life. “I actually enjoy going to class, even if it is at 9:30 a.m,” she said. Not only is she learning a great deal in class, but she is also enjoying her time in class.

“TCU has given me confidence in myself and my work,” Shipley said.