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Deciding the Right Major for You – Addie Hall

Addie Hall

  • Graduation Date: May 2019
  • Hometown: Denver, Colo.
  • Major: Strategic Communication
  • Minor: Design Studies

Why did you change your major to strategic communication?

I did not want to have a degree in something that confined me to one specific job and I really wanted to branch out in my creativity.

How did TCU help you decide this was the right area of study for you?

Being in the environment of TCU made me more confident to branch out and not be confined to a single job major but have the ability to obtain different kinds of jobs. I talked to my peers and they encouraged me to follow through with what I felt was best for me, despite what I initially thought I wanted to do coming to TCU.

What have you discovered about yourself through your academics at TCU?

I have discovered my passion for working with people. Initially coming to school here I did not think I would do anything creative with my job, and now I cannot imagine doing anything not creative in my field of work. In my first semester as a first year student I was praising God I never had to take another art class. I went from being a nursing major to a strategic communication major with an intended minor in design studies and could not be happier with my decision.