Class of 2021: Charlotte Sutherland

Name: Charlotte Sutherland 
Major: Strategic Communication
Class: 2021
Hometown: Boulder, Colorado 

A native Coloradan with an urge to explore, Charlotte Sutherland knew she wanted to attend a college outside of her home state. While exploring her options for schools that were out of state, Sutherland was drawn to the South. After visiting and considering University of Georgia, University of Texas, Clemson and Vanderbilt, she found her home at Texas Christian University. 

While each university considered was prestigious and held endless opportunities, it didn’t take Sutherland long to decide on TCU. When asked about what influenced her decision and made TCU so special she said, Immediately when I stepped out of the car on campus I felt at home Theres a sense of community on this campus and I could feel it right away. I considered this to be a crucial factor in my decision considering I would be over 700 miles from home. 

When arriving on campus Sutherland was undecided about what she would like to major in. After having a meeting with her academic advisor she learned more about the Bob Schieffer College of Communication, and more specifically the Strategic Communication department. She was drawn to strategic communication because of how it combined different aspects of business and communication, as well as the variety of skill sets learned within the major.   

Within the major, Sutherland took Diversity, Public Relations, Design, Research, and Advertising. Strategic communication offers a wide array of classes that have enabled me to gain skills for many different jobs. It has made me confident that with a degree in strategic communication, I will be fully prepared to enter the workforce and be a competitive applicant. 

Sutherland is working at Alliance Consumer Group while finishing her senior year. Working as a digital marketing intern, she has been able to utilize the skills that she learns on a daily basis. I create and manage content for the brand’s various social media platforms, as well as manage customer relations on its platforms. 

Sutherland credits TCU for how confident and ready she is to enter the real world after graduating. She is not ready to say goodbye to her home away from home, but is well prepared for what comes after. I cant believe my time at TCU is coming to an end, but Im so thankful for the time I have spent here and all the things that I have learned in the classroom and in life in general.”    

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