Senior Outlines How Roxo Agency Prepared Her for the Real World

A young white woman with long curly blonde hair wearing a red jacket smiles at the camera.

Mackenzi Abbott, Director of Public Relations at Roxo, 2021

In an article for PR Daily, “6 ways the student-run agency prepares future PR pros,” Mackenzi Abbott outlines how instrumental TCU’s Roxo Agency has been in preparing her for the real world. Earning real experience in an agency as a student is an irreplaceable experience. Her stance is shared by many other student leaders in the agency, who are also quoted in the article.

Roxo Agency has prepared Abbott and other employees for post-graduate life better than any classroom or lecture time could have. From a growing professional network to a well-rounded portfolio of real client work, Abbott’s time as Director of Public Relations at Roxo has been clearly marked by success and joy.

Abbott is a Strategic Communication and Fashion Merchandising senior. She not only builds omnichannel campaigns for the agency, but also oversees PR work done by account teams within the agency. Abbott also works as a freelance digital marketing and social media manager.