Roxo Launches Campaign to Promote Social Distancing

An Instagram post on the TCU Roxo account featuring a graphic used in their campaign to promote social distancing.By Jenni Royston, News and Media Studies major, Class of 2020

During the coronavirus pandemic, social distancing has become an important factor in flattening the curve and students in Roxo, the TCU student-run advertising and public relations agency, has launched a social media campaign to promote social distancing. Their key insight is “COVID-19 decided today. We decide tomorrow.”

Their campaign includes fun graphics posted on their Instagram account with facts as well as tips to help with quarantine. Each of the posts have links to CDC guidelines to help followers stay up-to-date.

Riley Bedingfield, public relations manager, said this campaign was their way of expressing social responsibility. “We have a social responsibility as an agency who represents TCU and the Fort Worth community to inspire hope, maintain trust and increase awareness.”

“By sharing informative and uplifting material, we have been able to use our ‘Creativity for Good’ and give people hope,” said Colin Onderdonk, photographer and videographer for Roxo. He said the campaign has been incredibly fulfilling to the team.

With Fort Worth’s shelter in place order coming to an end, so will the Instagram campaign. “However, we as an agency will continue beyond the end of the semester to do our part to stop the spread of COVID-19,” said Onderdonk.

Just as the university has had to transition to learning and coursework online, so has the Roxo agency. “Everyone in Roxo is sad that we cannot all work together face-to-face but are finding creative ways to boost morale,” said Bedingfield.

Onderdonk said there has been a shift in how they communicate with their clients. “We have been able to utilize various online platforms, such as Zoom, Slack and Asana, to carry on with our work,” he said.

“There have been some changes to our work flow, but we as an agency have efficiently adapted to new styles of communication and work flows,” said Onderdonk.

Click here to see Roxo’s Instagram campaign:

An Instagram post from Roxo's social distancing campaign.