Duke Greenhill Speaks About the Power of Storytelling

Headshot of Duke Greenhill

Instructor Duke Greenhill

Storytelling is at the core of what we teach at Schieffer College. Everything we create tells a story about who we are and what we represent. The power of effective communication starts with storytelling.

Duke Greenhill, M.F.A., instructor in the Department of Strategic Communication, was featured in Madeworthy Magazine talking about harnessing the power of storytelling. Madeworthy Magazine is a Fort Worth publication focused on locals telling community stories.

“It may be overly Pollyanna-ish, but if you are a good storyteller and you tell stories well, people will listen,” Greenhill told Madeworthy reporter Lee Virden Geurkink.

Greenhill talked about his life and his journey to become an effective storyteller both as a filmmaker and advertiser.

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“At the agency I was at in New York [R/GA], there was an understanding—it wasn’t conscious or even articulable—that there was a need for more heart. We can’t continue to sell things based only on features and benefits. We have to understand what the brand stands for, what does a brand believe in…for lack of a better phrase who are they? People want to support brands whose values align with their own,” Greenhill explained. Effective storytelling is about understanding who you are and how you can communicate that to the world.

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