Class of 2020: Gabrielle Saleh

A headshot of Gabrielle Saleh, TCU Class of 2020.Hometown: Bedford, Texas

My degree: My degree is a Bachelor of Science in Strategic Communication with a minor in English. 

My favorite class or professor in the Schieffer College: All the classes and professors in the Schieffer College have been instrumental in preparing me for my future in the field. Three classes really stood out to me during my time here. Strategic Writing with Professor Russell Mack helped me hone my writing skills and develop my portfolio. Case Studies with Dr. Ashley English showed me how to analyze past issues and events in our field to learn and build from them. Law with Dr. Joshua Bentley showed me the importance of understanding the legal issues that impact our field, which also gave me a deeper appreciation of the First Amendment. 

What I’m doing post-graduation: I am currently interning at the National Audubon Society as a Walker Social Media Fellow, and I am pursuing graduate school next year. 

What I’ll miss most about TCU: I will greatly miss the people at TCU. The faculty and staff in the Strategic Communication department have been so helpful during my time here. As a transfer student, I really appreciated how they made me feel at home!

One of my favorite TCU memories: My time at TCU has been amazing, especially being involved in all of what the Schieffer College offers. From participating in the Six Flags Hackathon to being a part of PRSSA, Ad Lab, and wrapping up my undergraduate journey in Roxo—I have met so many wonderful people and gained important experiences that will help me for my future.