Financial Aid

Graduate Studies Financial Aid

To be considered for financial aid or assistantships, new applicants must submit their complete applications by February 15 (Fall Semester) or October 1 (Spring Semester).

There are many ways to pay for TCU’s Master’s program.

Graduate Assistantships and Stipends

We award financial stipends to our top applicants, paid throughout the full academic year, which require approximately 5 hours a week of department service.

In addition to the financial stipend, we also offer tuition reimbursement up to 18 hours for the academic year. These assistantships are based upon merit, not need. This assistantship is awarded to full-time students (9 hours per semester) and requires approximately 15 hours a week of department service.

Graduate Scholarships

We are able to offer some financial assistance to students to take courses, based upon merit and needs. There is no work commitment to receive these scholarships.

Employer Assistance

Some companies and organizations may provide funding for you to further your education. TCU is able to provide the appropriate document to verify that you completed a course.

Take out a Student Loan

To learn more about taking out a loan and repaying the money at a later date, contact the TCU Office of Financial Aid.