Nick Sena

  • Hometown: Baltimore, MD
  • Graduation Year: 2015
  • Company and Position Title: Initiative, Digital Investment Planner
  • STCO Concentration (Ad, PR, or Integrated): Ad

Why TCU?

TCU appealed to my core personality, beliefs, and ambitions. It was the most obvious choice, especially after our Rose Bowl victory during my senior year in High School.

Why Strategic Communication?

I knew coming into TCU that I wanted to pursue a career in advertising. The Strategic Communication courses helped me navigate to my preferred specialty of Digital Media.

What does your typical day consist of?

I plan, manage, and execute digital media campaigns for five separate client. I communicate with multiple creative teams, media publishers, and various campaign partners. At times, some work can get time sensitive and stressful. Most other times, work is fun, because everyone is passionate about their client. Media agencies know how to make work not feel like work.

Advice (or skill) for STCO students to focus on to be better prepared for the work world?

Be sure to make friendly relationships with every person you come in professional contact with. Most of my professional success has come from a professor, colleague, or friend. The best jobs always come from the most unexpected place.

For those not familiar with Initiative, how would you describe the company?

Our CEO describes Initiative as a Goldilocks company; big enough to win impressive clients like Amazon, Uber, and Tinder, yet small enough to take creative initiatives, and not be bogged down by bureaucracy. We are a part of IPG Mediabrands, and UM is our sister agency. We are a global agency with every type of media discipline.

How did you end up at Initiative?

After graduation, I interned at Razorfish in Seattle. The experience I gained was enough to set me up with any agency interview I applied to. Ultimately, I landed with Initiative in Los Angeles through a working professional relationship on LinkedIn.

What is it like working for a global company?

Our new CEO has been changing everything about the agency. I am excited to see the direction we are taking, because we are gaining a lot more attention from big clients and our media partners. It definitely feels like a new company ever since we have made these changes. It is really cool seeing work reels from our agencies in other countries. I feel a work transfer to another country’s office is easily attainable, especially at my age.