Roxo Designs ‘Forte Awards’ for Fort Worth Chamber


By Desaray Hickombottom, Communication Studies major, Class of 2020

A photo of the signage at the 2019 Forte Awards.The Fort Worth Chamber of Commerce partnered with Roxo, TCU’s student-run advertising and public relations agency, to develop details for a small business awards presentation this past spring.

Roxo’s faculty advisor, Sarah Angle, shared how students had the opportunity to develop the logo, name, design, and some of the event details for the Forte Awards.

“This Roxo account team was tasked with rebranding this small business awards event into an experience that would attract millennials while retaining long-time attendees,” said Angle. “The goal was to bring the experience to life in a new way and show the innovative spirit and fresh ideas that the Fort Worth Chamber of Commerce is creating for our community.”

Violet Herzfeld, a communication and media studies major, worked on this project with Roxo before she graduated in May.

“They had a vision and trusted us to help them make it come to life,” said Herzfeld. “It was really exciting to get to work on something brand new and so important to the Fort Worth community.”

The students who worked on this project had the opportunity to attend the Forte Awards and see their hard work come to life.

“It was a fun night full of local creatives and entrepreneurs getting recognized for making our city great,” said Herzfeld.

Andra Bennett House, vice president of communications at the Fort Worth Chamber of Commerce, worked directly with Roxo for the Forte Awards.

A photo of the Forte Awards trophy.“The team did a good job of listening, researching, proposing options and coming up with the Forte Award name, event themes, and the unique award (trophy) design,” she said.

Roxo will be working with the Chamber again this fall.