Joey Rowe

Joey Rowe – 2016 Strat Comm graduate

  • Hometown: Phoenix, Arizona
  • Current Location: Dallas, Texas
  • Current Employer: Wild Acre Brewing Company

“My first job at Wild Acre Brewing Company, a new craft brewery in Fort Worth, stemmed from internships I received my senior year from Anheuser Busch. There, I made connections in the beer world that led me to where I am now. Rather than going the traditional, “big company” route and taking a step up within Anheuser Busch, I chose to join this start-up brewery as a chance to boost my hands-on, real world experience and begin my career (whatever that may end up being) being something more than just another face in the crowd at a larger, more established company.

At Wild Acre, I am in charge of sales in the Dallas area. My responsibilities range anywhere from prospecting new customers, to actively promoting my beer in bars, restaurants, and grocery store chains. I began working full time between classes my final semester. While the hours were long, I was ready to hit the ground running come May. Although I said the transition was smooth because I was thankful enough to find a good fit after college, I’d be lying if I said I didn’t miss TCU and the simplicity of life that the college experience provides. To all the students still lucky enough to be in the middle of the best four years of their lives: don’t waste it. Enjoy every second of it, relax, and rest easy knowing that once those four years are over and they send you into the real world armed with that TCU degree, you’ll be alright. Go Frogs!”