Jared Russell

Jared Russell

  • Hometown: Ft. Lewis, Washington
  • Graduation year: May 2016
  • Company position and title: Androvett Legal Media & Marketing, Marketing Coordinator
  • STCO Concentration: Integrated

Why TCU?

The community and class sizes were unmatched by any other college.

Why Strategic Communication?

I’ve always had a passion for advertising. I’m the kind of person who reads all the labels on packaging and rewinds commercials.

What does your typical day consist of?

Brainstorming meetings, updating websites, working with programmers and designers, and managing project timelines.

Advice (or skill) for STCO students to focus on to be better prepared for the work world?

Go the extra mile. I remember turning an ad campaign for class into a website that really impressed employers and helped me stand out from the crowd.

For those not familiar with Androvett, how would you describe the company?

It’s a full-service marketing agency with a niche in the legal industry.

Did you have an interest or experience with legal industry before working at Androvett?

I didn’t have any experience with the legal industry, but we do just about everything a normal ad agency is capable of which lets me use a lot of the skills I developed through Strategic Communication.